Fennimore Trip 2015

This was the first time I’ve been back fishing in this area since 2013. The first day(0:00 – 2:15) most of us met up at the Blue River which turned out being a bright sunny day with no clouds. I ended up landing more fish than I thought using a Higas SOS and a Griffiths Gnat. Later that night we stayed at the Silent Woman which is where we would stay the next two nights. We also met up with Jim Romberg who was going to be our guide the next two and a half days. Great guy who has fished the area for over forty years, learned a lot of great things from him this trip.

The following day(2:16 -7:39) we fished the Big Green River. It was cloudy and rainy most of the day and made for excellent fishing! I found a deep hole that had nonstop action when bouncing a Higas SOS with a tungsten bead head off the bottom and really didn’t want to leave.

The third day(7:40 – 11:35) was at Castle Rock Creek. Again it was cloudy, but the rain held off which was nice. I found another deep pool that yielded some trout using a Higas SOS with a tungsten bead head after hiking forever. On the way out I threw on a big woolly bugger and caught my biggest brown trout to date!



The last day was sunnier than the first and the fish could see you way before you could see them. I ended up calling it a day only after a couple hours and headed home. Overall it was a great trip, met some great people, and I was glad to finally fish the Big Green and Castle Rock. Can’t wait to go back!


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